Photo by Jacky Liu

Zero Waste

Already before the production starts, waste is often created by companies ordering too much fabric, which is then never used and ends up as deadstock and most of the time in landfill. At UNRAVELAU, we try to save fabrics from landfill and work together with the Upcycle Center in Almere, where people can drop off their unwanted textiles. Through upcycling, we transform them into new wanted pieces.

Once we have chosen the perfect fabric, we want to use it as efficiently as possible, generating a minimum amount of waste during the production of our garments. For that purpose, we create zero-waste patterns for our designs.

Photo by Jacky Liu

How do we do it?

Imagine every cutting pattern for a garment like a puzzle, which is limited by the width of the fabric: With our zero waste patterns, we try to design patterns that don't generate any leftover fabrics and we try to cover different clothing sizes with only one pattern. So, if we produce a dress in size 36 it will have the same width as a dress in size 40. Sounds impossible? We are proud that at this stage we managed to create 90% of our garments from size 34 until size 42 with zero waste patterns. Many of these patterns can also be reused, which will save materials at the earliest stage of the design process. 

The remaining leftovers from the production process, like cut-off threads, are collected and reused for one-of-a-kind creations.

Photo by Jacky Liu

Made to Order

To counteract overproduction, we work with a made-to-order system: we only produce garments after they have been ordered. This is not only better for the environment, but also allows us to give each piece the attention and care it deserves and make individual alterations upon request.

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