By Maya Classen on January 18, 2021

After a year like 2020, we are happy to start the new year with some exciting news: our webshop is finally online! But let me tell you, this is not a regular webshop! What’s special about it? I’m glad you asked. What distinguishes our webshop from others is that we work with a Made-to-Order system. But what is a Made-to-order system? Girl, you are full of great questions! Let me explain.

Made to order = Made for you

Let’s start with the things that stay the same. Let me paint you a picture: 

you are at home on your couch with a nice cup of tea. You’re wrapped in a blanket, because it is still cold outside. Spring hasn’t fully arrived yet and the sky has a light grey colour. You hear the rain dripping on your window. ‘The perfect day for some online shopping!’ you think to yourself. After all those months in jogging pants and sweatshirts you are ready for some exciting pieces to refresh your wardrobe for the year that lies ahead. You open your laptop and find your way to your favourite fashion label - Unravelau. But oh, what do you see? The webshop is online! With your heart still racing you browse through the shop looking for the one item you have been eyeing for months now. Ah, there it is! The Kimono jumpsuit, the one in blue and white that reminds you of little clouds on a warm summer day. Filled with excitement you click on the picture, choose your size, add the Kimono to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Only a few more weeks and you hold this dream in your hand!

You got that picture? Good. Now let me tell you what happens from here. While you are at home popping the champagne to celebrate this glorious day (at least this is how we imagine it), we are at our atelier receiving your order and are probably as excited as you, because we get to do what we love - create garments that make people happy! Yes, you heard right; only once you have ordered we start creating those garments. Each piece is handcrafted and made especially for you. Of course, this takes a bit more time than if we would keep items on stock but it also ensures that resources are responsibly managed and that you receive exactly the garment your heart desires. And in the end that is what counts.

Why Made-to-order?

This system has one clear advantage: we don’t produce more garments than are actually sold. Therefore, we do not only save time that we would otherwise spend on producing unwanted garments; we also avoid creating deadstock that, more often than not, would end up in landfill. But there is another advantage in producing only garments that you have ordered - it basically functions as live feedback for us. We learn which items you really like and can take that into consideration for future collection to design even more items that you love. The made-to-order system is part of our zero-waste policy and an important step for Unravelau towards full circularity. It allows us to protect the planet we live on and focus on the people close to our heart - you.

We want to thank all the people who helped us make this dream come true: Milen Gardev, Jacky Liu, Annabell Axtmann, Dionne Heuts, Elise Outteryck, Maya Classen, Maria Fiori, Karolina Klemens, Rachel Lourens.