By Molly Broekman and Patrizia Wieser on February 8, 2021

Photo by Elise Outteryck
Photo by Elise Outteryck

As with the beginning of every February, love is in the air as Valentine’s Day rolls around. At Unravelau, our Valentine’s Day spirit is expressed in our love for the environment. As Valentine’s Day has become more and more commercial over the years, it is easy to forget that this day is not just about receiving gifts and candy, but about expressing our appreciation for people and things that we love. As people celebrate one another this holiday, we want to celebrate our love for the environment as well. As such, we create garments that are made without waste. One of these garments, the Kimono Jumpsuit, exemplifies our waste-free process perfectly. The first of Unravelau’s garments to be created using zero waste pattern-making, the Kimono Jumpsuit is an ideal expression of our love for the environment this Valentine’s Day. 

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a zero waste garment and a garment made the traditional way? Zero Waste patterns make use of the entire piece of fabric, fitting together like a puzzle, and using even the smallest scraps to create pattern pieces. Traditional garments are made without this in mind. Therefore, much of the fabric is wasted, and is then placed in landfills or burned, which puts a strain on the environment. In light of this imminent problem, we wanted to create beautiful garments that, instead of contributing to the waste problem, express our love and care for the environment. 

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