By Reut Ben-Halevi , 08.03.2020

Founder Laura Meijering shot by Maarten Feenstra

Each year since 1911, we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, a global day of recognition celebrating the social and cultural achievements of women around the world. Multiple events take place in cities all over the world such as exhibitions, theatre shows, films, and workshops, all meant to celebrate the role of women in society.

This year’s theme is #ChooseToChallenge – which is a call to raise awareness about women's equality and act against bias. This theme is aimed to remind us of the steps that still need to be taken towards combating these issues.

On International Women’s Day, and on every day of the year, Unravelau celebrates the people who make our clothes. Most of the work behind the creation of the clothes we wear is done by women. More than that, each product we buy impacts women around the world. In the garment industry and fast fashion factories, a lot of women still work within unfair working conditions, such as dangerous work environments and unjust salaries.

“We may not hear the voices of the women who make our clothes but every garment we wear has a silent #metoo woven into its seams”.

Fashion Revolution co-founder, Carry Somers

At Unravelau, all of our garments are handmade and locally manufactured under fair working conditions in our atelier in the Netherlands. This means that the employees in the ateliers we work with work in a safe environment and get paid a fair, liveable salary. To learn more about our fair trade philosophy, click here.

Back to the celebration: if you are unsure how to celebrate International Women’s Day, we strongly recommend you go about it in a sustainable way, and support women-owned, local, and sustainable businesses. If you want to buy a new item, shop at a women-owned brand and encourage your friends to do so too!  Especially now, it is the best moment to support brands that have a mission. We invite you to check our webshop here!

This is a special day for Unravelau, not only because it is a locally operated, woman owned and managed brand, but also because it supports the brand vision to encourage people to start taking small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, changing how women are impacted along the way.

Founder Laura Meijering shot by Maarten Feenstra