Unravelau's team 24/03/21

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of clutter and distractions lying around in your life, and wanted to do something about it? When our brains are overstimulated by the amount of things that we own, our memory is directly affected. One of our team members, Reut Ben, shared her personal experience with this problem, and how she solved it.

“Three years ago, I had an experience that made me change my old consumption habits. When I decided to move to Italy for my studies, the whole process was cumbersome and complex, simply because I had so many belongings. It took me almost five months to move everything, organise, and start my new life in a foreign country. After managing it all, I realised how many things I didn't even remember I had. At that moment, I made two decisions: first, to compile everything I didn't use within the last year so I could decide later what to do with it, and second, to not buying anything new in the next upcoming year. Now, I don't only feel better as a person, but I am also more likely to remember where I put something, or how many items from the same group I have. I also realised that I reduced my negative impact on the environment by producing less waste, and was even reducing my carbon footprint by deciding to build my own capsule wardrobe. “

Like Reut, Unravelau takes a minimalistic approach to the business of fashion by only making one new collection a year and only produces on a made to order basis. We also use durable fabrics such as hemp, which is naturally antimicrobial and has both high UV resistance and tensile strength. Our GOTS cotton is organically produced and colored with 100% natural herbal dyes. Additionally, we don't design based on trends, so you can enjoy our products longer. In order to minimize our ecological footprint, we upcycle garments and don’t create waste in our production process. If you want to declutter, you can always send your old items to us, and we can make them into a new one of a kind item.

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photo by Nienke van de Wind