By Molly Broekman and Patrizia Wieser on February 18, 2021

Recently, Laura Meijering, the founder and creative director of Unravelau, was featured on the “Groen en Gezond'' podcast, hosted by Nadia Zerouali. In the podcast, Nadia asked Laura about how Unravelau came to be, and they discussed sustainability and what the brand does currently. They also talked about how to begin thinking and living more sustainably, which often seems like a daunting undertaking. Here you can read more about it :

 “I think that people are a bit anxious and think “Oh, if I do this one thing, then I have to do all of the rest of it. If I buy sustainable clothing, then I can’t buy meat anymore, and I have to hug trees!” But that is really not the case, you have to understand that even doing one small thing can have a big effect.”

Do you want to make the switch to more sustainable clothing consumption, but are afraid it will be too hard? We are here to help you take the plunge with a few tips and tricks.

1. Wear what you already own: Shop your own wardrobe! The most sustainable type of fashion is wearing what you already have. Get creative with your outfits, and try to imagine a piece of clothing in new ways. Ask a stylist or a friend whose style you admire to look at your closet and help you find new ways to wear things. Don’t have a friend or stylist to help? Reach out to us, we would love to help! You can also look online for style inspiration, and then find pieces in your wardrobe that are equivalent!

2. Shop second-hand: If there is something you want to buy, chances are you can find it in a second-hand store, or by buying online from a second-hand site or app. Second hand stores are like a treasure hunt. You might be surprised by what you can find! Go with a friend and an open mind, and help each other find things that the other might never have thought of wearing if they saw on their own. On the other hand, shopping second-hand online allows you to make more specific searches for what you would like to find. Buying second-hand gives clothes that would otherwise be thrown away a chance at a new life. Similarly, Unravelau upcycles used and disposed of garments and textiles to make new items. To learn more, click here.

3. Invest in high-quality pieces: Making informed purchases based on quality helps you develop a base that will be the building blocks of your closet. Buying pieces that you know will stand the test of time will prevent you from needing to replace items as often as if you bought a low quality, cheaper piece. If you invest in a high quality pair of jeans that fits really well, you won’t have a need to go looking for a new pair every season or when the quality gives way. Even though a piece might be more expensive than something from a high-street store, it often is less expensive overall because you don’t need to buy as much. Take a look and see if the company provides information about the fabrics, to see if they are high quality. Likewise, Unravelau provides information about every fabric used in the creation of a garment. To see more, click here.

4. Think before you buy: If you need to buy new, think before you make a purchase. Hold off on impulse buying, and instead, wait for a while to see if you are making decisions based on trends or truly on your own personal style. Keeping track of things that pique your interest, and waiting to see if you are still interested in them after a few months will help you decide if you really want to add it to your wardrobe as an expression of your personal style. Ask yourself “Will I wear this more than thirty times?”. Unravelau is a part of the “Wear Me 30 Times'' slow fashion campaign, which provides a QR code that is scanned every time you wear a specific item, and rewards you after 30 wears.

5. Support small and local businesses: Instead of going to your local H&M, seek out and support small and local businesses. Putting your money toward these businesses supports entrepreneurs and helps the community and local economy. Additionally, you can often find more unique and high quality pieces at the brands! If there is something that you are interested in or care about, but that you might not have the resources to  accomplish on your own, supporting brands that echo your personal philosophies will help you make strides towards those goals. Supporting small, sustainable brands like Unravelau helps make a difference towards a more environmentally friendly fashion industry. To see more, click here.

If you stick with these five tips, we guarantee it will be easier to make the switch to sustainable consumption! While people often think it is more expensive to shop sustainably, it is actually not the case! Buying pieces that might be more expensive as opposed to buying things that you have to replace often is a lot more cost effective, and helps you develop your personal style, because you can make purchases based on thought, and not on trends. Will you be making the switch to more sustainable clothing consumption? 

To hear more, click here to check out episode 1 of the Groen en Gezond podcast on spotify (in dutch), or click here read our transcription in English!