The Next Green Talents: an Eco-Sustainable Capsule Collection by 7 New Talented Designers

New life for old denim: Dutch designer Laura Meijering repurposes old jeans to create unique T-shirts. This one is called "The Instagram Tee" and as its motto suggests, it urges you to think more about sustainability than luxury. Starting with social networks.

By YOOX, 2018

Unravelau's vision is to be a sustainable brand, using recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Each product is handmade in their studio in Utrecht, Holland, and made with love and dedication to fashion and to the environment. For this reason, the brand reuses paper patterns to reduce paper waste, and collects waste fabric and yarn to reuse for future collections. UNREVELAU participated in The Next Green Talents 2018, created by YOOX and Vogue Italia. Made in The Netherlands.