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Unravelau as a guest at talkshow at Kijk Almere TV. 2

By Kijk Almere TV on January 2, 2020

Kijk Almere TV hosted Laura Meijering, the founder and creative director of Unravelau, talking about the process of garments from waste textiles.  Below is a summarized transcription of their conversation:

Interviewer: Laura Meijering from the online shop Unravelau! You make garments from waste textiles. Isn’t that a little bit gross?

Laura: It definitely isn’t gross. At Unravelau we make garments from second-hand textiles, but before we do that, we clean everything

Interviewer: So what happens after the textiles are washed?

Laura: It just goes into the washing machine. Then, we sort them by color and we look at what kind of products we can make out of them.

Interviewer: Where can we find your studio?

Laura: At the Upcycle Centre in Almere Haven. The residents of Almere can hand over their textiles there. It ends up in this big textile donation container. We sort and clean those textiles that we use for our own products.

Interviewer: Is it only used clothing or also things like used curtains?

Laura: Yes. Anything that has to do with textiles. So from used clothing to used curtains. Anything that is donated.

Interviewer: And do you just spontaneously make a collection or do you only do custom orders? 

Laura: No, not just custom orders. We plan and release full collections. So we decide what theme of the collection will be, and based on that, we sort textiles that come in here.

Interviewer: Have you ever made a wedding dress out of used materials?

Laura: Not yet, but I recently received a request for that. So the first Unravelau wedding dress will be out soon. You can think of second-hand wedding dresses that are made of lace or silk. We can reuse them for an upcycled wedding dress!

Interviewer: Unravelau, what does that mean?

Laura: Unravelau is not an existing word. I made it myself. It consists of the words unravel and lau, because I am Laura. And my goal is to unravel the fashion industry and only keep the good parts.

Interviewer: But why used textiles?

Laura: It’s simple. Right now there is too much left over textiles, but we can easily reuse it for new garments. I think the environment is important, so I can help a bit with the environment in this way.

Interviewer: Can people come here with their old textiles, used curtains  or anything else and ask Laura to make them something new?

Laura: Of course! We can always do commissions so everyone is welcome!

Interviewer: Can you give us an example of something that you upcycled?

Laura: Yes, I made this jacket from the old denim jeans we found in the textile donation container!

To watch the full Dutch talk show, click below: