Photo by Jacky Liu

Meet our Founder & Designer Laura Meijering! 

Growing up in the north of the Netherlands, Laura was known for being a creative and empathic dreamer since her childhood. With founding UNRAVELAU this little girl’s dream actually came true.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from the University of Arts in Utrecht, Laura founded her fashion label in 2017. This gave her the freedom she always dreamed about, but with this freedom she also felt a responsibility.

Being aware of this responsibility both as an individual and a fashion designer, Laura already dedicated her work to sustainability after watching The True Cost in 2015. This documentary reveals the injustice of the fashion industry and shows how garment workers and our planet have to pay the price for extreme consumerism. 

Photo by Jacky Liu

“If you want to make a change, start with one thing at a time and try to excel at it. Next, try to make an even bigger step.”

Laura Meijering 

Even though Laura fears that we as a society are not making this change fast enough, she is committed to express her creativity by unravelling the bad practices in fashion. In doing so, she wants to encourage people to start taking small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle themselves.