Photo by Jacky Liu

From the beginning of 2020 on, our UNRAVELAU atelier is located in the Upcycle Center of Almere, which is one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands!

The interior of our atelier has been designed with an eye for detail and always with sustainability in mind. For instance, most of our furniture and decoration is second hand as well as a lot of our work equipment, like our sewing machines.

The Upcycle Center is an innovative and completely eco-friendly building made from recycled materials, such as steel from an old vehicle hall. The building provides its own energy through solar panels on the roof and collects rainwater to flush the toilets. This way, the Upcycle Center has the lowest possible ecological footprint. In the associated education center, school children and students learn more about waste management and sustainability. 

The concept of the Upcycle Center contributes to the circular economy in which raw materials are reused in the best way possible. Namely, inhabitants can drop off their unwanted and used goods - so called trash - at the Upcycle Center and the connected designers can give a new life to these disposed items. At UNRAVELAU we make sure that these items will be completely reused for new one-of-a-kind products.

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